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Who Are We?

Prestige LED Grow Solutions is NOT your traditional online hydroponic store. We consider ourselves to be a grow solutions company who specializes in LED grow light technology, we have a commitment to only selling quality products and services for the best grow, every time. We feel the hydroponics store name limits your focus and expertise to growing hydroponically, when growing organically in soil is another option customers may look at when moving indoors, or for the first time grower. Grow Solutions for us refers to providing solutions for customers that suit their requirements, not the salesman’s, this is a core belief of Prestige LED.

As we want to be known as the LED grow light experts, it is important to understand the history of LED grow lighting in Australia. LED grow lights have been plagued by poor quality products that haven’t deliver as promised, which as a result, has created negative thoughts around LED grow lights. Prestige was specifically chosen in the name as we want to only stock quality products and provide service levels of 30+ years ago, where customers were treated with respect. We want this to help change current thinking about LED grow lights so more people can grow indoors safely. You also get the additional benefits of improved flower quality on top of huge savings on electricity costs. This comes from the technology drawing less power and not having to remove excess heat from your grow environment.


What We Have Done?

We are an Australian business that started in 2015 as we recognized an expanding demand from Australians to grow indoors organically within a controlled environment. With the changes to the Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation laws in late February 2016, we saw this as the opportunity to move, so launched our online store in May 2016. We started by introducing Kind LED grow lights to Australia as an associate, who has over 30 years grow experience, was blown away by the results he had received from a few K3 Series lights over the past couple of years. Using the Kind K5 Series ourselves since they arrived, we have been stoked with the performance and see a massive opportunity for these grow lights. To further enhance our LED grow light range we saw an opportunity to compliment it by introducing Black Dog LED’s to Australia.


What’s Still to Come?

The PhytoMAX range is the highest-power proven LED grow light on the market, we see them as the Mack Truck of the LED grow light industry and can’t wait to get them into the hands of commercial growers. We see particular benefits for commercial cannabis growers based on the experience of US customers. This is evidenced by detailed case studies Black Dog LED has completed over the years, which show a consistency of product from a quality aspect. They also show the huge financial benefits of growing indoors, particularly from a number of cycle’s point of view. Another aspect we feel will be beneficial to commercial growers is the security aspect that comes with growing indoors.

Prestige LED Grow Solutions is well down the road to bringing in a couple more premium LED grow light brands, that will compliment our product range further. We are happy to add a Gorilla Grow Tent and any other requirements to go with your LED grow lights to get your grow environment set up.


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