LED Safety Glasses + Ratchet Yoyo's

  • LED Safety Glasses + Ratchet Yoyo's
    LED Grow Light Eye Protection - Protect your eyes!

    1/8 inch Ratchet YOYO Hanger Features:
    • Molded with Superior Composite Material
    • Securely Holds Up To 68kgs
    • Composite Material will Never Rust
    • Adjustable and Retractable - Will Lift Anything
    • Easy Push Button Release
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    AUD$49.01 $64.00

    Product Code: GlassesYo

    About LED Safety Glasses + Ratchet Yoyo's

    • 1/8 inch Ratchet YOYO Hanger - The Hanging Ratchet Light Hangers are small, useful systems which allow you to secure reflectors, fans, filters, and more. Never again be tied down by knots, ropes, chains, and messy tie downs! Simply adjust them to your optimal height and with an easy pull the mechanisms lock the rope into place. Use the quick release button for added convenience.
    • Grow1 GRUVE LED Safety Glasses - Increase your eyes comfort and experience in the harsh conditions of the grow room environment! Protection and style are combined in this affordable pair of Grow Room Glasses, reducing your exposure to potentially harmful radiation and discomfort. Working with LED lighting can have a long-term negative effect on your eyesight. Using Grow1 Grow Room Glasses is a preventative and protective solution to this problem.




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