KIND LED Grow Lights K5 Series Ideal Colour(Channel) Settings

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
KIND LED Grow Lights K5 Series Ideal Colour(Channel) Settings

As you know the spectrum requirements of plants change during their life cycle. The Kind LED K5 series gives you complete control of the exact spectrum and quantity of light your plants are going to receive. By understanding how best to tune your Kind LED grow light you can maximise your results while using the least amount of power possible.

All Kind LED K5 series grow lights have 3 colour channels:

Channel A: 600-700nm Red
Channel B: 400-500nm Blue
Channel C: 500-600nm White/Green/Yellow + >700nm Infrared

Each channel is individually dimmable from 0-100% and has 8 timers per channel for ultimate spectrum control.



KIND LED Grow Lights recommend the following settings:

Seed (Week 1)
A=Red: 15%
B=Blue: 30%
C=White: 30%

Clone (Week 1)
A=Red: 25%
B=Blue: 45%
C=White: 45%

Growth Stage 1 (Weeks 2/3)
A=Red: 30%
B=Blue: 60%
C=White: 60%

Growth Stage 2 (Week 3/4 until end of veg)
A=Red: 50%
B=Blue: 100%
C=White: 100%

A=Red: 100%
B=Blue: 100%
C=White: 100%

Prestige LED recommends to keep the lights at 75 to 90cm above the top of the plants at all times. If the light is too close it will cause light bleaching and cause the leaves to loose their colour and It will also shrink the footprint of the light. Because the light is dimmed the 75-90cm hanging height should be perfect at all times.

Use  1/8" Ratchet Yoyo Hangers to adjust the height of the light with ease. We also recommend using LED safety glasses at all times to protect your eyes from the intense light and to be able to see the correct colour of the plants at all times 

Below you will find an instructional video about how to set the timers for the KIND LED K5 grow lights. 

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