Vertical Farming

Friday, April 24, 2015
Vertical Farming

Vertical farming applications for LED grow lighting are rare and impressive. In many places around the world, space is very limited, and those are precisely the conditions in which food prices are highest. If a creative grower can take advantage of a vertical farming strategy, they can yield an incredible amount of produce per square foot on that land, for which they are paying only by the horizontal area.

On most of the farms in the world, there is only a single sheet of plants growing in the sun. On a vertical farm, there are stacks of crops growing under lights, using water efficiently. Depending on the market value and costs of production, these farms can have much higher profitability than conventional farms. Kind LED grow lights are appropriate for use in these crop production facilities, where the climate outdoors may be unsuitable for a traditional style of farm. Horticultural LED grow lights are perfect for vertical farming, because they are naturally very slim and require no maintenance.

At the density required for producing most viable cash crops, there are no fans needed and the lights are waterproof, meaning that water can freely drip on them without bothering the electronics. These kinds of technological advances in lighting have made possible environments that have never been seen before, and the proof of validity of the application lies in the fact that the plants thrive as hard as any growing in the sunlight, using less water, less nutrients, and without sunlight. Although this may seem too futuristic to belong to the present day, its happening now, in countries around the world.

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