K3 L600VEG LED Grow Light

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Grow Lights from Prestige LED Grow Solutions are the highest yielding, best performing, most efficient LED Grow Lights available in Australia.
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  • K3 L600VEG LED Grow LightK3 L600VEG LED Grow LightK3 L600VEG LED Grow LightK3 L600VEG LED Grow Light
    K3 L600VEG LED Grow LightK3 L600VEG LED Grow Light
    The 320w Vegetator replaces a traditional 600w Metal Hallide grow light. The Vegetator produces lush, bushy plants with tight internodal spacing, while consuming half the electricity and producing virtually no heat.
    • KINEST YIELDS – Optimized mA Driving Current Increases Diode Efficiency and Output, Resulting in a Brighter, Higher Yielding Footprin
    • KINDEST SPECTRUM  – Proprietary 12 Band Complete “Perfect Spectrum” Featuring Both IR & UV Technology, Custom Tailored to Specifically Cater to All of you Your Plants’ Vegetative Needs
    • KINDEST INTENSITY  – Secondary Optical Lens Magnifies PAR and Increases Canopy Penetration By Up to 200%
    • KINDEST QUALITY – Extra Large Heat Sinks, Quiet Fans, Precision Drivers, Superior Craftsmanship
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    About K3 L600VEG LED Grow Light


    For a limited time only, receive a pair of LED safety glass and a set of ratchet yoyo hangers FREE!!!

    Dimensions: 25” x 11” x 3” (635mm x 279mm x 76mm)
    Weight: 20lbs (9.07kg)
    Actual Wattage: 320w
    HID Wattage Equivalent: 600w
    Modules: 10
    Diodes per Module: 15
    Total Diodes: 150
    Diode Wattage: 3w
    Footprint: 3’ x 4’ (910mm x 1210mm or 1.1m²)
    Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Power Input
    Work Frequency: 50/60 Hz – Suitable for Global Energy Environment
    Output Voltage: UL Standard Output Voltage – Less than 76V DC
    Amperage: 1.33 at 240V

    The Future of Indoor Gardening Has Arrived…

    Kind LED Grow Lights

    After years of rigorous research and development, the KIND LED Grow Light is complete, and it is a complete work of art. The K3 series LED grow lights are comprised of high powered 3 Watt Light Emitting Diodes featuring a proprietary intensified spectrum designed for flowering large yields. This revolutionary series of LED grow lights will produce the biggest and best yields, while consuming approximately half the electricity and producing virtually no heat. Your Kind LED Grow Light will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, while running quieter, cooler, and more efficiently than any other grow light. Guaranteed.

    Kind Comparisons

    • Use a proprietary 12 bandwidth spectrum comprised of 3 watt diodes that run at 650mA. Lesser LED grow lights run at 500mA with only a 6 bandwidth spectrum. 
    • Thick, heavy duty 2cm aluminum heat sinks that dissipate heat much more efficiently than other LED lights, making Kind LED lights run more effectively and cooler leading to longer life spans and increased performance.
    • Revolutionary “Secondary Optical Lens” for maximum photosynthetic penetration from plant top to base, considerably increasing “under canopy” production and yield. 
    • These Kind LED lights will match or outperform any other 3 watt LED grow light, including much higher priced brands. GUARANTEED!

    Grow Kind with KIND LED.




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