LED Cost Saving

Cost savings are important to everybody and LED lights provide many areas in which to save you precious dollars. Let’s talk about energy savings.

Due to the fact that watt for watt LEDs run at about 30% less electricity than HIDs, the savings on electricity, especially on tiered plans, can be huge! Secondly, in the absence of all of the heat that HIDs produce, there is no need for extra inline fans, ducting, or AC units. Just one HID light can require up to $500.00 extra dollars in setup cost! These additional costs can be completely avoided using KIND LED lights.

Cost aside, another great benefit of this is that hot climates that would normally create struggles for HID growers can now become quite comfortable with LED, thus producing amazing results. Small spaces that would become ovens with HID lights can now be used and filled with beautiful led lights and produce beautiful high yielding plants.

Finally, the lifetime of LED lights is about 50,000 hours, as compared to only 7,000-10,000 of an HID bulb. That means that over time, much more money will be spent on HIDs, not to mention all of the burnt bulbs full of mercury that will need to be disposed of properly.

kind led light vs hps light

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